Solutions For Your Solar Project

The technology behind solar power, which plays a large role toward a sustainable future, is rapidly advancing. It is now more affordable than ever for  homeowners, and business owners to benefit from the power of the sun. They can begin reducing their energy bills, or eliminating them completely, charging their electric vehicles, and powering their everyday life. Charge Solar is committed to offering products for the best solar solutions, for all applications, across all markets.

Residential Solar Solutions

Charge Solar understands the Canadian energy landscape and it’s impact on homeowners. Through federal programs, provincial incentives, and the overall lower cost of solar, it’s easier than ever for Canadians to adopt and invest in solar energy.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Demand charges can impact a businesses bottom line. Through using solar energy, a business can now reduce their operating costs. Charge Solar specializes in the applications of solar energy for commercial and agricultural businesses.

Industrial Solar Solutions

The usage of alternative energy for industrial businesses is paramount for reducing the associated costs, and reliance on fossil fuels for their operations. Charge Solar offers solutions and products for businesses operating in harsh, or remote locations.

Recreational Solar Solutions

Millions of Canadians enjoy activities like cottaging, boating, or exploring our beautiful country. There are many solar applications they can use to offset their energy usage, or fossil fuel dependancy. Small scale solar, and energy storage systems are available to keep Canadians powered while on the go, or where electricity is not available.

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