Understanding, selling, and installing solar energy systems.

At Charge Solar we provide solar training services for our partners.  Whether it’s custom training on specific products, or standard solar 101 training, and even sales strategies.  We believe in working with our partners in order to provide the latest product information and installation best practices to keep their business’ operating effectively.

Training we offer.

Our mission is to empower our dealers with the tools they need to become successful. With over 30 years of combined experience, our solar professionals are ready to help accelerate your business.

Annual Spring Training

A yearly event designed to bring our customers and partners together with our vendors to learn about the latest product offerings, industry news and everything solar.

Sales Training

We provide sales training to help your business teach your customers to adopt solar power as a viable source for saving money on their electricity usage.


We hold several webinars throughout the year with our most popular vendors. They help both our partners, and our staff to learn about the latest product technologies and design strategies for solar energy systems.

Custom Training

Whether remote, or on-site, we offer this service for any of our partners who are looking for help with something in particular. Our professional staff is always ready to help.

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