Full service engineered solutions.

Charge Solar has proven it has the resources and expertise to design and deliver projects to customers through our installer network. Our engineering staff have assisted in deploying systems located throughout Canada with experience dealing with authorities in every province and territories.

Our mission is to empower our dealers with the tools they need to become successful. With our team of engineers, your solar project is in good hands.

Feasibility Study

Estimate roof capacity, shading, production, ROI, structural assessments of building loading and utility consultation.

Utility Application

A drawing and utility application package tailored to the needs of the local utility.

Permit Submission

A drawing and permit application package tailored to the needs of the local authority.

Construction Documents

A completely detailed construction package including drawing and specifications.

Construction Administration

Comprehensive technical support during project implementation (may include on-site services).

Label Kit

Engraved lamacoid labels.

As-Built Drawings

A drafting service turning installer generated red-lines into pdf's as a record of the installation.

Comissioning Support

A commissioning support package which may include plans, testing, reports, and applications.

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