Urban Solar Home

Project Location
Vancouver, BC
Project Type
10 kW Grid-Tie with Battery Back-up

Key Features

The Customer:

Mr. Malhotra was building a state of the art house in a traditional BC neighborhood. In addition to many energy conservation features, the client wanted a net zero home, where electrical energy consumption was offset with roof- top solar array. The client also wanted backup so the house could function without utility power for extended periods.

The Solution:

Charge Solar designed a Grid-Tie PV system with battery backup. The 10KW Sharp solar array features high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels, securely mounted on aluminum racks on the house’s flat roof. In the electrical room, a sealed, maintenance-free battery bank is kept charged. The 12kW inverter system converts the solar power to 240VAC and synchronizes the output with utility power. The house uses solar power first, and any excess results in a credit from BC Hydro as part of the Net Metering program. In the event of a power failure, the battery system can run the house for weeks on end.

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