Project Spotlight: Evalence

Project Location
Calgary, Alberta
Project Type
Fast-Rack System + Longi 410W Solar Modules

Key Features

The Customer:

Homeowner. For years it has been this customer’s dream to power his home with solar energy, but he was waiting for panel efficiency to improve along with installation prices to decrease. For this reason, 2024 was finally the year for him to make the commitment. His goal was to offset 100% of his home electrical usage, including the electricity used by the electric vehicle he recently purchased.

The Solution:

3D modeling was completed on his property, which assisted with the design of his roof-mounted solar system. The customer provided feedback on the preferred placement of panels, ensuring they would still allow for easy roof access for maintenance purposes. The additional electric load of his car was estimated based on his driving habits and charging data, which contributed to the larger permitted design of his system.

Installed by Evalence Renewables.

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