Small Community Off-Grid

The Customer: The community wanted to create a home as well as a destination – a place for the community to thrive and have their living needs of food, water, shelter and energy – met directly from the site. The Solution: Charge Solar designed a 36kW solar system, which when installed fed directly into the […]

First Nations Community Solar

The Customer: This First Nations Community is located on the west coast of British Columbia. As part of a commitment to reduce fossil fuels and promote energy independence, the T’Sou-ke selected Home Energy Solutions to design and install 4 PV systems to provide solar electricity for the buildings and homes. The Solution: Charge Solar designed […]

Solar for EV Owner

The Customer: Electric cars owners enjoy quiet, zippy and emissions free transportation. This family purchased a Nissan Leaf, and wanted solar energy as the ultimate energy source for their new car. Their goal was to replace gasoline with renewable energy for their 10,000km per year. The Solution: These electric car owners selected the Fast-Rack Ultra™, […]

Urban Solar Home

The Customer: Mr. Malhotra was building a state of the art house in a traditional BC neighborhood. In addition to many energy conservation features, the client wanted a net zero home, where electrical energy consumption was offset with roof- top solar array. The client also wanted backup so the house could function without utility power […]