Premium Solar Racking Solutions

Solar panel mounting directly affects energy output. Charge Solar offers a wide variety of mounting systems. These systems have evolved to stay abreast of technology adaptations – such as bi-facial solar modules, and allow for solar installations in a wide range of applications.

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Fast-Rack Mounting Systems are made and designed in Canada giving Canadians superior performance, quality, and assurance that their solar system will stand the test of time.

Fast-Rack features clean lines, finishes and the flexibility to put the system anywhere you want on the roof meaning that the system will look as good as you want it to.

Solar installers sitting on roof admiring solar panels
Ground Mounts
Minimize your ground mounting costs with this prefabricated, compact mounting package. Strong aluminum frames support 2 rows of panels above snow and grass. Adjustable tilt angles. Includes foundation plans and beam designs (end user provided).
Flat Roof Mounts
This non-penetrating ballasted roof mount weighs less than 5 lbs/ft2, making it suitable for most commercial flat roofs. Modular design gives layout flexibility on roofs with vents, skylights and HVAC systems. Tilt angles of 10º to 30º are available. Custom designed and supplied as a complete system for specific roof dimensions.
Vertical Roof Mounts
An adjustable roof mount with tilt angles up to 45 degrees for maximum solar performance. VRM's attach to sloped roofs or flat roof trusses with user provided roof jacks, or beams attached to the structure. Supports single panel rows in portrait. Higher tilt angles optimize winter performance and help reduce snow accumulations.

Designing Solutions for Real-World,
Problem Solving

Attaching solar rails to standing seam metal roofs is easy with the S-5! series of metal roof clamps.  With nearly 60 issued patents and a track record dating back to 1992 as the industry’s leading provider of metal roof attachment technologies, S-5! offers you a permanent solution to a 1,000-year-old problem.

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