What Does a Greener Homes Energy Audit Look Like?

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Here’s what homeowners can expect when looking to audit their homes for the Greener Homes initiative.

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is the first step in improving the overall efficiency of your home’s energy usage. This would require a home assessment that measures the overall energy consumption of your home, including all electricity usage, insulation, air leakage, as well as ductwork and furnace.

How is an energy audit conducted?

A home energy audit typically involves an examination of your home insulation, the extent of attic insulation, the quality of your windows, and a blower door test to measure how much air is entering or escaping from your home. These tests will allow you to determine what kind of upgrades will best suit your home and provide maximum performance. Solar is certainly one of the most coveted upgrades as it can provide you with both clean energy and also a locked-in delivery electrical rate lower than the utility. Significantly lowering your electrical bills. The home assessment is carried out by a registered Natural Resources Canada representative and is a specialist through who you will book your evaluation. Homeowners must hire professional home advisors to conduct the evaluation – your local government’s energy office may be able to assist you in identifying companies in your area to perform audits.

How much does it cost to audit your home?

Energy audits can vary in price depending on the size of your home. For an average-sized family home, an audit could potentially cost between $300 to $1,000 and take up to four hours. The government has agreed to compensate up to $600 through the Greener Homes Grant for an energy audit before and after the home renovations. The homeowners are accountable for the upfront expenses of the audit and the cost will be reimbursed once the retrofits are finalized. The compensation should come in within a month after the submission of the appropriate paperwork. It is important to keep in mind that in order to receive reimbursements for the home auditing, the homeowner must complete the full Greener Homes process. The Greener Homes Grant initiative will recruit up to 2,000 new employees as the demand for energy advisors is expected to rise significantly. The federal government is planning to employ, train and mentor these new workers to undertake home energy audits as the new green home renovations program takes off. This opportunity is putting particular emphasis on furthering inclusion and diversity in the workplace by focusing on women, Indigenous peoples, racialized Canadians, and persons with disabilities.

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