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Saving with Solar in Québec.

Québec encourages its residents to use solar to reduce their power consumption. While the province enjoys clean generation from Hydro plants, the supply is limited. As needs grow province wide, expensive upgrades and new generation will be needed. Hydro-Québec would like customers to reduce power consumption, and considers self-generation from solar a key to their future. Solar installations, whether on a residential roof, ground mounted on a acreage, or on commercial roofs, produce power for its owners at costs close to buying utility power now. If the power is not needed during the day, it can be exported back to your Hydro-Québec as part of their Net Metering program, for a credit. The customer then uses this credit against power used at night, or during the winter.

How does it work?

This rate option allows eligible self-generators to feed their surplus power into the Hydro-Québec grid in exchange for credits in kilowatthours. These credits are applied to the self-generator’s electricity bill. Inversely, if customers do not generate enough power for their needs, they can draw electricity from the grid and benefit from the reliability of Hydro-Québec’s power supply.

In addition to sending an electricity bill, payable by the due date, Hydro-Québec sends its self-generation/net metering customers a statement with a detailed breakdown of the electricity they have consumed.

Learn more about the Hydro-Québec Net Metering Program here

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for Hydro-Québec’s Self-Generation/Net Metering program you must be able to meet your own electricity needs from a renewable energy source and meet the following requirements:

  • Residential or agricultural customers (Rate D or DM, without billed power demand*)
  • Small-power business customers (Rate G, without billed power demand*)

*Less than 50 kW

These customers must operate their own generating equipment, located on the same premises as the delivery point specified on their electricity service contract.

Installation process

  • Obtain the required electrical permits and building permits (where required) including approvals required under the bylaws of the city, town or municipality where the installation occurs.
  • Apply to Hydro-Québec for a Net Metering Interconnection.
  • Install your renewable electricity generating equipment.
  • Provide proof that your solar installation has passed inspection by Québec Safety Authority, and sign the Net Metering Interconnection Agreement.
  • Hydro-Québec will activate the backflow setting on your smart meter to log the power that you sent back to the utility, and your Net Metering Solar System is complete.

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