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What Does a Greener Homes Energy Audit Look Like?

Here’s what homeowners can expect when looking to audit their homes for the Greener Homes initiative. What is an energy audit? An energy audit is the first step in improving the overall efficiency of your home’s energy usage. This would require a home assessment that

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Solar Manitoba

Saving with Solar in Manitoba. Manitoba encourages its residents to use solar to reduce their power consumption. While the province enjoys clean generation from Hydro plants, the supply is limited. As needs grow province wide, expensive upgrades and new generation will be needed. Manitoba Hydro

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3 Tips to Make Solar Systems Affordable

There is growing evidence in the solar photovoltaic (PV) market that residential, commercial and industrial solar installations are becoming more economical. Let’s break down how these costs are calculated and give you our top three tips on how to make solar systems more affordable. What

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