Save Your Solar Energy For Later

Battery technology is in the midst of a technology boom. Efficiency, media, format, size and specifications are morphing rapidly. Charge Solar will help you select the right batteries for your renewable energy system, from the world’s leading energy storage pacesetters.

Premium Deep Cycle Batteries

Rolls premium deep cycle batteries deliver dependable energy storage solutions for Marine, Motive Power, Railroad & Renewable Energy applications.

Canada's Own

Batteries are the energy reservoir in solar power systems, and it is important to choose the size and type of battery carefully. Manufactured by Surrette Battery Company Ltd. in Springhill, NS, Rolls-branded deep cycle models have a well-earned reputation and their flooded & maintenance-free AGM renewable energy batteries are the preferred storage solution for solar systems in both Canada and the US. It’s a reputation based on capacity, cycling performance and long life. Since we began in business in 1988, our customers have worn out a lot of batteries, and we can unequivocally say that Rolls batteries are the most reliable for medium and larger PV systems made.

What makes a Rolls battery better?

  • Rolls Battery renewable energy batteries are designed for cycling performance – repeated discharges over and over
  • Extra thick plates offer more capacity and longer life
  • The unique “resistox” plate design offers more resistance to corrosion and maximizes the life of the battery.
  • Backed by industry leading warranties

Power On Your Terms

LFP lithium ion batteries are the premier storage solution for use in grid connected and off-grid applications. Simpliphi Power manufactures a full range of residential, commercial, and mobile energy storage solutions that are safe, efficient, and non-toxic.

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