Meet Our New VP of Engineering, Pelle Björnert

Pelle Björnet, Charge Solar's new VP of Engineering

Charging Ahead: A Glimpse into the Mind of Our New VP of Engineering, Pelle Björnert

Meet Our New VP of Engineering. Great leaders don’t just meet the standards; they set them. At Charge Solar, we’re thrilled to begin a new chapter with a leader poised to redefine the solar engineering landscape, Pelle Björnert, P.Eng. As our new Vice President of Engineering, Pelle combines two decades of multifaceted construction and engineering experience with a passion for sustainable change. Discover more about Pelle and his blueprint for our future.

What are some key achievements or projects you’ve been proud of?

I cherish projects that have enhanced the community I grew up in, like the K-12 school where I once attended and where my children now study. In my previous roles, I delved into lighting design and felt immense pride seeing those projects grace various magazines – now I work with the perfect lighting source – the sun!

What attracted you to Charge Solar?

Joining Charge Solar allowed me to expand my impact on the planet in these pivotal times. Here, I can influence change at a national level. Charge Solar brims with energy, vision, and objectives, which resonated deeply with me. Plus, I must admit, I’m very focused on taking action and delivering results!

What’s your vision for Charge Solar in the upcoming years?

I aim to elevate Charge Solar’s presence in solar engineering services in Canada. Over the next few years, I intend to nurture our engineering team, both in scale and professionally, while ensuring top-notch support for our network of dealers.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for the solar industry, and where does Charge Solar stand?

Our primary challenge is supporting the booming solar market and aligning with Canada’s goal for net zero emissions by 2050. These are also massive opportunities, and Charge Solar is primed to take a leadership role in these endeavors when it comes to solar for homes or businesses.

How will you nurture innovation within the engineering team?

Young engineers bring a reservoir of fresh ideas. I see myself as a servant leader, valuing open communication and transparency. I genuinely believe that, with strong communication and collaboration, there’s no problem we can’t solve.

How do you plan on encouraging cross-departmental collaboration?

Effective communication is the bedrock. My experience taught me the importance of holistic collaboration – from Sales to IT. Every department brings invaluable insights.

How will you develop a cohesive and motivated engineering team?

I emphasize professional development and strike a balance in workloads. Trusting and motivating the team, learning from our errors, and appreciating the milestones is my mantra.

How crucial is customer feedback to the engineering process?

It’s paramount. Both positive and negative feedback are growth opportunities. We need to fix what doesn’t work and amplify what does – a principle I instilled from day one.

Away from work, what keeps you occupied?

I’m a die-hard DIY’er. From renovating to landscaping, I’ve done it all for my home in Victoria, BC. I’m also quite the chef! But most of all, I treasure time with my family. Oh, and I can’t wait to get a new roof – I’ve got some solar system plans in mind!

Pelle’s blend of expertise, vision, and collaborative approach promises an electrifying journey ahead for Charge Solar. Join us in welcoming him to the team and stay tuned for the amazing innovations and strides we are set to make under his leadership!

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