Charge Solar Applauds New Federal Investment Tax Credit

The 2023 Federal Budget has brought about a new era for Canadian renewables, and Charge Solar is excited to be a part of this progress. As Canada’s leading solar, battery storage, and EV charging distributor, Charge Solar believes that the new investment tax credits will be a significant boost for the solar and storage industry. […]

What Does a Greener Homes Energy Audit Look Like?

Woman sitting on couch using a computer

Here’s what homeowners can expect when looking to audit their homes for the Greener Homes initiative. What is an energy audit? An energy audit is the first step in improving the overall efficiency of your home’s energy usage. This would require a home assessment that measures the overall energy consumption of your home, including all […]

Are Canada’s Electricity Prices at the Whim of War and Climate Change?

electricity towers in a field

We’ve seen the headlines about the rising price of oil and now we’re seeing another commodity, natural gas, that has experienced sudden and significant price inflation. Factors like storms and overseas supply crunch are driving the price of natural gas to exorbitant levels. The price of oil is up about 85% year-over-year while natural gas […]

Canadian Solar Market Off to a Great Start for 2022

Solar growth in Canada for 2022

Another year of growth for the Canadian solar industry in 2021 wasn’t without its share of challenges. The pandemic caused frequent industry disruptions including transportation delays, increased costs and significant labour shortages. Material shortages, rising commodity prices and international trade tensions and tariffs created a climate of global uncertainty for the solar industry. Yet, as […]

HES PV Announces Name Change

VICTORIA, BC, Mar 24th, 2022:  HES PV Ltd. announced today that it has changed its name to Charge Solar.  For over ten years, HES PV has been the largest solar distribution and engineering services company in Canada.  In 2021, the company doubled its revenue and acquired its top competitor, Sentinel Solar.  The company will continue […]

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